Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jens Cercie

Pix message from my friend Angie last month of her newborn's gorgeous face ... little Jens. He has been making appearances on FaceBook ever since. And he's been on my mind: "I need to see that baby." 

I thought of him again today while I was in Greenville for work. At a stoplight. "I could get a quick peek of little Jens after my meeting before heading back to Columbia!" 

Dig for phone in purse. Glance at stoplight. Search for Angie's info. Glance at stoplight (still red). Quick text. SEND. Light turns green. HONK! Throw phone in purse. Off to find a parking spot near Coffee Underground. 

You know you have a fun job when you have meetings at coffee shops called Coffee Underground. I'm early for this one, too. Rare. I walk leisurely, take the steps to the "underground." Open the door. Approach the counter. Scan the shop in search of the people I'm meeting. 

"I'll have a smoothie with a shot of soy protein, please." Glance again at the scene. 


Am I seeing things? Can it be? 

Angie is sitting in one of the lounge chairs feeding little Jens! 

I sneak over. "I bet you weren't expecting to see me here!" They didn't look surprised. 

Angie: "Did you get my text?" 
Amy: "No! I haven't checked my phone, yet." 
Angie: "I just sent you a note that we are at Coffee Underground."

I don't know what's my most favorite: That they were already at Coffee Underground and I was headed there anyway, that I was pleasantly surprised by a real-world "collision" vs. a preparatory "we are here" text message or that I got to see the baby and his mamma!

The little serendipitous moments of life that make you feel connected to everything. That make it all seem worthwhile. That bring such joy. The Jens Cercies.