Monday, December 7, 2009


Just because I haven't posted in nearly half a year (what?!), doesn't mean the Cercie Love has run out. In fact, there has been so much of it that I cannot-cannot contain it all.

But my favorite and immediate Cercies ...

this weekend:

I went to a christmas concert in Red Bank, South Carolina, and Johnny Irion and Sarah Lee Guthrie showed up.


I had my first Instant Cercie.

I got a two-in-one g-chat cercie from Seven and Thirty-Seven (see "Blogs I like")

That means I got to chat with my friend Jen (37) and her daughter (7)- at the same time! Seven and Thirty-Seven are new wave mother-daughter bloggers. Only such duo I know about. They rock it. And tonight on g-chat, I got to waste a full 30 minutes chatting online with them. About WHAT, you ask? You won't believe it.


Yes, HAM.

'Tis the season for HAM, right? HAM bones. HAM hocks. HAM lettes ... So c'mon, HAM it up!

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seven&thirtyseven said...

Seven and Thirty-Seven thoroughly enjoyed our g-chat with you, and we owe a debt of gratitude to you for inspiring us to blog about ham, which, really, SOMEBODY out there needed to be blogging about, and it may as well ahve been us. SO happy to hear that Cercie Love is spreading again during this, the Happiest Season of All!
Love, Your Fans 7&37